Wishing for You

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Wishing for You

Book 2 of the I Wish Series

She’s a girl who can’t remember. He’s the guy she can’t forget.

It’s her final semester of high school, and Kimberley Rey is curious about what will come next. She needs to pick a college, but her memory disability complicates the choice. Will her struggles to remember make it impossible to leave home?

Help arrives through an unexpected and supernatural gift. Grant is a “genie” with rules. He can give her thirty wishes (one per day for a month) as long as the tasks are humanly possible. Kimberley knows just what to ask for—lessons in how to live on her own.

But her wishes change when a friend receives a devastating diagnosis. As she joins forces with Grant to help her friend, Kimberley learns that the ability to live in the moment—to forget—may be more valuable than she ever knew.

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Wish You Were Here

Coming in 2016

Wish You Were Here

Book 3 of The I Wish Series

Wish You Were Here picks up four months after Wishing for You. It focuses on Sara Tucker. If you’ve read the first 2 books, you know that Sara is friends with Lacey and Kimberley and the twin sister of Sean. Grant returns to help Sara through the hardest summer of her life.

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Read an excerpt from my latest release, Wishing for You.

Coming Fall 2016
Writing as Julia Day, my first YA contemporary romance, The Possibility of Somewhere, will release in Fall 2016 from St. Martin’s Press!

EVENT: Writing Workshop
Cary, NC: West Regional Library, Tuesday, February 9 at 6PM

EVENT: Author Panel
Raleigh, NC: Glen Eden Pilot Park, Saturday, February 13 at 1:00 PM