The Whisper Falls Series

Books 1-3 of The Whisper Falls Series

The Whisper Falls Series

A boxed set of 3 novels and 1 novella in the Whisper Falls series

Whisper Falls
Mark Lewis, a teen mountain bike racer in modern-day North Carolina, meets and forms a friendship with Susanna, an indentured servant from the 18th century, through a mysterious and temperamental waterfall.

A Whisper in Time
With Mark’s help, Susanna fights to establish her identity and protect her sister in the past.

Whispers from the Past
Mark looks forward to college and career while Susanna longs to understand what happened to the loved ones she left behind.

Whispers on the River:A Whisper Falls Novella
North Carolina, 1771
Abigail Clarke flees her childhood home and moves to North Carolina’s royal capital, where she earns her living as a maid and a healer—and helps the charming and mysterious Nathaniel Eton to keep his secrets safe.