Grant's Letters to the Boss (#1)

Bonus Material

Status Report #1
Friday’s Wish: Pass

Dear Boss,

 I was discovered today.

This assignment is unexpected.  Haven’t I reached my quota of self-centered American teens yet?

My new mistress has significant attitude issues. She burned her first wish when I refused to give her cash.

 I am disappointed. I thought this would be the last assignment before my promotion. I don’t see how this case will be challenging enough to earn the qualifications I lack.

Naturally, I will strive to do my best.

Humbly submitted,


Message from Boss
If you complete the assignment the way I expect, then yes, you’ll be promoted to principal.

You must trust me, Grant. I wouldn’t have approved the assignment with Lacey Linden unless she could help you to earn the emotions you lack.

Be open to the possibilities.


Status Report #2
Saturday’s Wish: Garage Cleaning

Dear Boss,

I cleaned a garage. It contained a jumbled mess, heavily coated by a layer of dust. Evidently, my mistress hasn’t bothered to clean the space for several months. I don’t understand the point in doing so now, unless it was her attempt to test my resolve.

In addition to being rude and argumentative, my mistress has squandered one wish and displayed an acute lack of imagination with the second. Indeed, she spent more time discussing how she wants to be addressed than on her expectations for the garage.

I cannot believe that Lacey Linden and I are a good match. Why did you send me?

 Humbly submitted,


Message from Boss
One of the skills that you have yet to qualify on is Judgment. Please consider the possibility that your deficiencies in judgment are affecting your ability to understand your new mistress.

I suggest you draw on your considerable depth of Patience and not second-guess my decision-making skills, which are more highly developed than yours.

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