Grant's letters with the Boss (#2)

Bonus Material 

Status Report #1
Thursday’s Wish: Research on Memory Loss

Dear Boss,

I was revealed today.

It was surprising to learn that my new mistress had been served by a Being before. I was unaware that it was allowed. Why have you not introduced me to Adele? Perhaps I could have benefited from her experiences with Reina.

I found it refreshing to have a human so readily accept me. It has always been quite tiresome to reassure a new assignment that neither of us suffers from insanity.

The research on Reina’s type of brain damage yielded discouraging results. There are no earthly cures. I’m torn about the best way to tell her. Indeed, I have never been this tempted to hide the truth.

Humbly submitted,

Message from Boss
I wished to see if Kimberley would make the connection. It gave me insight into her ability to remember. I didn’t inform you because I didn’t want the possibility that you might have influenced her in some way.

I had another reason for not introducing you to Adele. Kimberley has changed greatly since their visits. I’m not sure how much you would’ve benefited from Adele’s experience.

I am eager for you to discover your goals for this case. Use all of your senses to discern how your skills align with Kimberley’s needs.

Your cases have generally involved tasks with tangible results. This case will not be so. Your impact could take years to affect her. It is good that you will be exposed to this attribute.

Resist the temptation to hide the truth. She cannot proceed with confidence if she is waiting for something that will never come. Truth, delivered with compassion and eloquence, is never wrong.

Status Report #2
Friday’s Wish: Skills Assessment

Dear Boss,

I am greatly intrigued that you wish for me to detect goals of my own. I shall look forward to comparing what I discern to what you have planned.

It makes me wary to learn that some of Reina’s requests will have intangible or delayed results. How can I be sure that my efforts were enough? Will I ever learn if the wish succeeded?

As I assessed Reina’s skills today, I found myself astounded by her deficits. There’s an extraordinary amount to teach her. I cannot understand why her parents have shielded her so much.

They may not like that I’ve questioned her assumption about attending college. Will my interventions put me at odds with them?

Humbly submitted,

Message from Boss
You won’t know when the wish ends if you’ve succeeded. You must have such complete faith in your own skills that there is no doubt when you’ve done your best.

Shielding their daughter has become a habit for Kimberley’s parents. It is not ill-intentioned, but it’s a habit that must be broken. It will put you at odds with them. Remain strong.

In order to care for Kimberley, you will have to re-educate her mother.

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